The System for Wisdom

No one can liberate you, for you are already liberated
from the very beginning.
The belief that you are bound is a myth.
Freedom from this myth is true liberation."

There are many paths to attain the truth - Japa (chanting), Tapa (penance), Tantra, Mantra, Karma, Dharma, Bhakti (devotion), etc. The destination or the goal of all these paths is the same - to experience the Final Truth. The common thread in all these paths that lead to experiencing the final truth is understanding. At the end of all these paths, the 'understanding' that arises is the same. This 'final wisdom' or understanding is Tejgyan. Attaining this understanding is the key and can be attained by listening. Listening is the preferred path of the masters to transfer knowledge. Listening is the only effortless effort a seeker has to make. Tejgyan is the path of listening and understanding... understanding by listening to the truth.

Sirshree designed a unique system called the System for Wisdom to impart Tejgyan. This system has been accredited with ISO9001:2008 certification. This System for Wisdom ensures that through various levels, seekers progress from lower awareness to higher awareness and deeper understanding. At every level your understanding is enhanced and your limiting beliefs drop off. The philosophy of TejGyan Foundation is: "Everything is a game of beliefs. Understanding is the whole thing." The experience of Self (truth) is always available. However, beliefs such as 'I am this body' have clouded the mind, denying access to the ever- available experience of the truth. Beliefs can be dissolved by gaining the right understanding.

As we attain deeper understanding and get rid of our beliefs, we realize that the world is our practice ground. We will then embrace this playground, rather than relinquish it.

The System of Wisdom comprises a three-step process:

This System for Wisdom not only helps you to access the truth at experiential level but it also helps in stabilizing in that experience. With understanding, seekers receive glimpses of the experience of Self-realization. However, mere glimpses do not fulfill the complete purpose. Permanently abiding in this experience of Self and expressing from the Self is the ultimate purpose. The System for Wisdom guides seekers to attain this ultimate purpose.

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