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Happy Life

Anand Vardan

This is a unique endeavor by Tej Gyan Foundation to not just introduce to the new comers, the teachings of Sirshree and the working of the organization, but to share and enlighten people today, helping them free their minds of their age old thought patterns. Every one of us today has learnt so much from our family and society that most of us believe the information to be entirely true. We are not accustomed to doubt what we believe. But, it is essential to know the missing links in the understanding that we hold today. These missing links will introduce us to the real and hidden meaning of our beliefs and will aid us in changing our rigid patterns; this program serves this objective. It invites all new seekers to the weekly free discourses that are played at all respective centers.

Every week, a discourse on a different topic is played. The discourses relate to various topics such as relationships, money, karma, festival rituals and their true meaning and many more. All new members can bring their friends and family, and together participate in the enlightening discussion that pursues after the discourse. The discussion takes place with a Satyacharya (A senior seeker of the organization) where together, personal thoughts and opinions are shared with everyone. This is a unique opportunity and a new way of learning, which aids everyone to understand differently and perceive the crux of the discourse thoroughly. The entire program takes about 2 hours. The program is very wisdom oriented, benefiting several new seekers and changing their lives altogether, with the help of just a few discourses!

Details with regard to time and day are different at each center and can be known by contacting your nearby center personally. All are welcome!

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