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Books are one of the most far-reaching medium through which Sirshree's message touches people all over the world. His works includes more than 60 books from Sirshree, providing guidance on a vast variety of subjects, be it the subject of self-realization, complete health, the principles of karma, family harmony, true meditation, or character building. His books have been translated in all major Indian languages, and some also in Polish and Russian languages.

Each book from Sirshree is complete in itself. These books have been written keeping in mind the needs of today's times. They serve as a blessing to society as they address the need for complete development in various facets of human life, viz. physical, mental, financial, social, and spiritual. His books have been translated in more than ten languages and published by leading publishers such as Penguin Books, Hay House Publishers, Jaico Books, etc. These books are priceless gems from Sirshree that will continue to guide people for ages. Categorized list of books, Source & other choice books to be displayed. Tejgyan literature is also available through the medium of Audio-books. The platform of e-Learning is being developed so as to make the literature available online for self- paced learning.

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