In today's technologically advanced world, there are a lot of people who feel disharmony; they are crying out for help, desperately trying to achieve some balance in an unpredictable life. Tejgyan retreats help them extensively in harmonizing with their true nature, the Self. Then there are others who are seeking answers to the meaning of life. They are feeling lost; they are searching for the true purpose of their life. Tejgyan retreats assist them to find the real purpose of life and break out of the illusion. And then there are those who have achieved some measure of success, but feel stuck on a plateau. They are seeking entry to the next level. Tejgyan retreats guide them systematically to the next level using a System for Wisdom. And there are others who want a break from the routine and do something different apart from healing, fitness diets, and rituals. For them, Tejgyan retreats are a gateway to go beyond the mind and embark on a journey to the road less traveled - the road within. As per the System for Wisdom, TGF offers you the following retreats:

1.The Sampurna Lakshya (SL: Supreme Life Retreat)
2.The Complete Meditation
3.The Five-Day Residential Retreat (Maha-Nivasi Maha-Aasmani Retreat ) - Language : Hindi
4.The Magic of Awakening Retreat - Language : English

What do truth seekers seek?

Truth seekers seek the Truth, of course. However there is always an apprehension attached to it - whether one is on the right path or not? All said and done, there is a feeling of vacuum inside; something that says, "This path that I have adopted isn't complete, there must be something more to it..." Sometimes one thinks, "Is it really necessary to take so much effort, put the body in so much pain?" "Isn't there someone somewhere who can answer all my questions?" "Something is wrong in all this. Somewhere there is a missing link."

The Answer - Understanding.

There exists an answer - TejGyan - meaning Bright Truth, truth that is beyond knowledge and ignorance, truth that can only be experienced. And the missing link is that of 'Understanding'. Understanding leads you to the final truth. In the Maha Aasmani Retreat (A Level 3 wisdom training retreat) it is this understanding that is imparted; understanding that leads to the experience of Truth; then call it Self-Realization or enlightenment or God realization or by whatever name.

How does one get this understanding?

By merely listening. Understanding by listening. Without putting the body in needless pain. And this understanding is imparted free. After all how can one fix a price to something that is priceless? And with this understanding all your problems dissolve - all together, all at once. To get this understanding, you need to attend a two-day retreat called 'Maha Aasmani Shivir'. As already mentioned, you are not supposed to pay anything. The only thing that you have to offer is desire - desire to know the Truth. You express your desire by attending some preliminary discourses prior to the Maha Aasmani Retreat.

What is understanding?

There are many paths to Truth - Japa (chanting), Tapa (penance), Tantra, Mantra, Karma, Dharma, Bhakti (devotion), etc. And the destination (aim) of all these paths is the same - to experience Final Truth. At the end of all these paths, the knowledge that is realized is the same. It is this realization, this knowledge that is called understanding.

Requirements for Understanding

If you have the desire to attain truth, you are welcome in the Maha Aasmani Retreat, the two-day retreat where this understanding is imparted. The retreat is totally free of cost, but you have to fulfill certain requirements viz.: Attend the Foundation Truth Retreat where you will learn how to live in the present every moment and how to begin to access a thoughtless state. Attend a few preparatory discourses where you soak in the understanding you gained in the Foundation Truth and then you are ready for the Maha Aasmani Retreat.

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