The Philosophy

"Everything is a game of beliefs. Understanding is the whole thing. This understanding can be attained by listening to the Truth."

Tejgyan helps in harmonizing with our true nature, the Self, thereby restoring balance in all aspects of life. It provides fulfillment and helps undertake the journey towards self-realization - the true purpose of human life. This is possible with Tejgyan due to a very simple reason. The experience of the ultimate truth is always available. The direct experience of this truth or self-realization is possible provided the right method is known. Tejgyan is that method, that understanding.

Tej is a new word coined by Sirshree to facilitate the right understanding of Self. A gift to humanity, the word Tej signifies beyond duality. When the word 'Tej' or bright is prefixed to a word, it signifies the state beyond two polarities. For example, there is happiness and unhappiness. True bliss exists beyond happiness and unhappiness. This bliss is called as Bright happiness.

There is ignorance and knowledge. Bright knowledge is the wisdom beyond both ignorance and knowledge.It is the existential experience which is beyond duality, beyond opposites. To express this, Sirshree has coined a new term called 'Knowlerience' to point to that understanding which can only be known through non-conceptual experience.

Understanding Tejgyan results in leading a perfectly integrated life. Tejgyan is that state of wisdom from where nothing is concealed, everything can be seen clearly.

People assume that Meera sung praises of the lord to attain wisdom. The fact is that she first attained wisdom because of which she sang with such devotion. Kabir did not sing the couplets to attain wisdom. He first attained wisdom because of which the couplets containing the highest knowledge flowed through him. Jesus attained wisdom and acts of kindness automatically flowed through him. Not the other way around. Tejgyan is this wisdom, which is the essence of our being.

True spirituality is neither an escape nor a refuge. It is that which liberates us from the tendency to escape and the need for refuge. Many truth seekers report that they have an apprehension attached to their quest: "Am I not on the right path?"They feel a sense of discontentwithin; something that says,"This path that I have adopted isn't complete; there must be something more to it..." Sometimes one thinks, "Is it really necessary to take so much effort, put the body in so much pain? Isn't there someone somewhere who can answer all my questions? Something is wrong in all this... somewhere there is a missing link."

The answer to all these doubts and question is Tejgyan - the Truth that can only be experienced. And the missing link is that of understanding. Final understanding leads to the experience of Truth at the experiential level. You may call it as Self-realization, or Enlightenment or God-realization.

Tejgyan is the direct path to Self Realization which is suitable in the modern era. Tejgyan is that method, that understanding, which can be obtained by listening to the Truth. Listening systematically and applying the knowledge in the day-to-day life.

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