Welcome to the Programs Section. This page will introduce you to the different kinds of programs that are conducted for the welfare of the people and will also explain to you WHY. Program topics vary from Spiritual Well being to Relationships and Child Management. They are for all age groups.

The Fearless Child (Abhay Vardaan) program is designed for children and conducts a systematic and fun course for making today's children, fearless.

The program on Relationships explores the emotions in every individual and the bottlenecks that he encounters. The program ensures a clearer communication channel and promises better human relationships, in an individual's life.

Today's youth are pressured with making it big in the world. But most of them are unable to take the burden of the stress that comes along with opportunities. The program, Inner Ninety Hidden Infinity, does not just help them build the confidence they require but also enhances their character building abilities.

Women are looked differently today due to the vast cultural and social change that has blanketed the modern society. But with it, there are several loopholes which need to be plugged.This program for women discusses vital topics as these and brings to light the dark misunderstandings and assumptions, which women harbor. The program promises to make them stronger for the world and aids them in their decision making skills.

All diseases and incapability are the result of one thing - Stress. Stress is no more restricted to working professionals but has its spread right from children to the aged. This is because with the speeding world, many of us have not managed to catch up and learn to fight the competition in a positive way, thus, triggering stress in all of us. But a few powerful pointers and effective measures, is all that is required to tame this monster. The Stress Free life program will bring to your notice all that you already have but did not make use of!

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