The Ashram

"The purpose of the Ashram is not about creating an external ashram made of brick and mortar. Rather, the focus is on awakening the living spark of divinity and establishing the ashram in its subtler sense within each human being." ~Sirshree

The MaNaN Ashram is the keystone of the Foundation, being developed with the purpose of creating magnanimous beings that operate from the highest state of consciousness, radiating peace, love and joy

MaNaN represents the Hindi syllables M-N-N, expanded as MahaNirvaanNirmaan. This denotes the whole and sole purpose of life on Earth-the mission of raising collective consciousness-paving the way for the highest creation, incomprehensible to the human intellect.

MaNaN Ashram is located amidst the glory of mountains and the pristine beauty of nature at the outskirts of the city of Pune in India, and is well connected by air, road and rail.

The external facilities of the ashram provide the instrumental support to kindle and raise the flame of higher consciousness, where residents are trained to access the divine source within, so as to abide in the pure consciousness. This is just the beginning, as the highest creativity of the Self then begins to unfold from that state. Novel possibilities that are teeming in the unseen can then manifest on the planet.

The Foundation seeks to create an environment for self-sustained, harmonious community living. The life of a ? ? ? ? ???transcends that of a recluse as well as that of a materialistic householder. A ? ? ? ? ???will neither renounce possessions and the worldly way of life, nor will he indulge indiscriminately in worldly materiality. A ? ? ? ? ??? will be one who combines the positive aspects of both ways of living and lead a balanced life, keeping the true purpose of human birth in central focus. Residents in the Ashram will be given the choice of pursuing their lifestyle based on the guiding principles of ? ? ? ? ???living.

The Ashram inmates will follow the ? ? ? ? ??? way of life based on love, mutual respect,commitment to the pursuit of truth, offering their skills to the community. Residents will be encouraged to foster an environment of open communication and guided to heal and grow together.

At the Ashram, residents will be oriented to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle that has eco-thinking as the inherent part of everyday life. Eco-thinking signifies treating Earth as an echo of our bodies When we treat Earth as an extension of our body, we take good care of it, just as we take care of our body. Just as we would not overburden our body or waste our body's resources, we must become overtly aware of restoring and maintaining the balance in the Earth's biosphere in and through our daily interactions with it Ashram inmates will bring ecological integrity o into their way of life by:

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