Stress free life

Today, people's wants have surpassed the requirement of three basic needs - Food, Clothing and Shelter. Comforts and luxuries have been added to these basic needs, making them dearer for everyone in the bargain. We all struggle today for a modernized need of the same things that our forefathers desired previously. Only that now, it has become more difficult and stressful to accomplish our goals and look forward to a future that we see.

All of this has led to Stressful Living. Stress, is a word that is very commonly used for all age groups today. It is regarded as a necessity for earning livelihood. It is looked upon a common occurrence in every individual's life. 'No Gain, Without Pain' is the motto of today's life. We have forgotten today of a life that can be lived without stress.

In common parlance, stress is associated with everyday working and the routine responsibilities that we carry out. Little is known beyond this definition of stress. Stress has its roots far deeper than just these causes and occurrences. Many may want to distinguish stress on the levels of physical and emotional well being. But even beyond this, there lies a common reason for stress in every event. This storehouse is from where our thoughts originate and lead us to stress. Very little attention is given towards what causes stress. All emphasis is laid on the symptoms of stress and not the reason for it, thus leaving its cure too farfetched.

Stress flowers from the bed of thoughts. The way we respond to any situation will lead towards a stressful or a stress- free outcome. Directing our thoughts in the right manner is what is essential to encounter stress. How do we direct these thoughts? How do we understand if the thoughts we have are appropriate for the situation at hand? How do we correct what has already gone wrong? Is what we label as Negative and Wrong, the same for someone else? Some of such and many more questions have been answered with profound wisdom through our workshop at Tej Gyan Foundation. This workshop, known as 'A Way' To Stress Free Life, does not just encounter the many reasons for our stressful thinking which in turn leads to stressful living, but also gives straight forward solutions and techniques to face stress head on. The workshop helps one to understand the fine line between Tolerance and Facing any situation.

The workshop discusses about and prescribes remedies such as -

Meditation for releasing Stress-

It is important for all of us to now know, that even before we experience the result of stress on our body, it has already manifested in our emotional body (explained well in the workshop). The understanding of this wisdom is imperative and should be studied deeply, as it will help us all to not just lead a healthier and cheerful life, but even pass a similar energy around us. Participants also benefit through various Personal and Professional gains. Several participants have successfully learnt about anger management, right communication techniques with peers, empathy reasoning, managing pressure situations at workplace, and to even achieving a clear picture of their lives' goals and accomplishing it without getting stressed and drained of their vital energy. Leading a stress free life is what all of us deserve and must acknowledge today.

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