Center For Humanity

"Today, our world does not need a new religion.
What it needs is the thread of understanding
that can bind all religions together."

The Centre of Humanity will serve as the beacon for the thread of understanding that unites all religions.

The purpose of creating such a Centre is, to raise the understanding of " re l i g i o n " b e y o n d i t s c u r re n t significance and redefine it, so as to promote and establish its true essence. It is an initiative to uphold and facilitate the return into the core living principle of religion, into our true nature. When humanity returns to its essential nature, to its core living essence, then all conflicts and discrimination in the name of religion, caste and creed will cease to exist.

Every religion follows different customs, celebrates various festivals. The wondrous truth about all these festivals is that they are all essentially pointing to the same underlying truth.

The common purpose of all the festivals celebrated the world over is to raise the level of human consciousness. They offer an opportunity for man to live as a human and raise his consciousness to unfold divine potential.

Conflict ends with the understanding that it is the same God that is being referred to in all religions.

The Centre of Humanity, a novel concept by Tejgyan Foundation, is a universal sanctuary for humanity

The Centreis being created by putting technology to its highest use. It is not restricted to any one religion, but gives place to all religions and works as a back-office for all religions.

The Centre is being designed as a unifying and beautiful architectural marvel that is symbolic of the essence of all religions using eco-friendly technology. The Centre representsvarious religious places of worship during the seven days of the week. The ambience within the Center takes the form that resonates with those religions. The visible difference is the celebration of one of the qualities of the Self - Creativity.

  • Sunday it would take the form of a Church;
  • Monday it would be the precincts of a Hindu temple;
  • Tuesday it could be a place of worship for the Jain;
  • Wednesday it would offer the ambience of aBuddhistmonastery;
  • Thursday it would be a Gurudwara that will invite the Sikhs for worship;
  • Friday it will be a Mosque where namaz can be offered;
  • Saturday, the miraculous place will take the shape of a Jewish synagogue or Baha'I House, Shinto, House of Confucianism and other places of worship.

People from all religious faiths can visit this Centre and meditate or worship by feeling at home to their faith. People would marvel at such a universal sanctuary where every single day would embrace the essence of some religion.It will be the precincts where mankind can celebrateeach festival of every religion. This is being deeply imbibed into the very fabric of human feelings, rather than at a superficial conceptual level, thereby serving as a strong foundation for a Highly Evolved Society in the true sense.

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