Fearless Child

Abhay Vardan

As a parent, many of us feel happy when we see billboards describing new 'International' schools springing up or newspapers displaying the opening of high end schools, in the vicinity of our homes. We find it comforting to learn of these schools that use specialized, modernized and smarter tools of learning for preparing our children to face the competitive world outside.

But on a different note, do these modern teaching methods or better mechanized ways of teaching really enhance the inherent value structure of a child? Do they make him a better person? Do they teach him patience and honesty? Do they eliminate his fears? Do they prepare him to face failure? There is little that our modernized education systems can do today in the area of child psychology and moral values. Similarly it is difficult for the 'Modern' or 'New Age Busy Parents' to assimilate that children need values as their foundation to support the burden of a learning of a lifetime. This foundation is laid primarily by parents and then by teachers. This foundation is about imbibing the right attributes in our children, making them fearless, along with the knowledge of understanding their responsibilities. This strong foundation will aid them in moving through the rough patches of life in a smoother way.

It is easy to lay down rules for a child and easier to tell him simply not to do morally wrong things. For example, it is simpler to tell him not to lie, to be giving, to learn sharing. But have we taught him HOW to do those things? Have we explained the answers to his questions? Do we give space for his incessant questions?

It is worthy of a mention that a child begins to learn from the womb of his mother. He does not just learn and copy your strengths but even your fears. Every child is new to his growing environment and is fearful to change. Adults can handle this fear of change in a better way as they are 'hardened' and equipped with experience and knowledge. But a child needs much more than just a push to getting acclimatized to the newness of living and learning. The values taught to him through experiential learning and performance will help him in facing the challenges of life ahead. It is thus very imperative that as parents we give our children the right environment to learn and grow.

With this motivation, Tej Gyan Foundation has books catering to children's development and also conducts the program 'Abhay Vardaan' for children above 10 years of age. The program focuses on cultivating the fearlessness into them along with opening them to other valuable wisdom of recognizing vices and virtues and easier ways to follow them. It teaches them to learn from failure and develop self confidence. The distinct 'Burning Train Analogy' aids them in character building and lets them experiment with the knowledge given to them during the program. Along with the core values, they are taught profound memory training skills and study techniques, which aim at not just enhancing their learning skills through their schooling years but even ahead in life.

Intelligent and emotionally stable children can conquer their fears and achieve their ambitions much easily. A stressed child cannot distinguish failure and success, and fails to recognize opportunities, leading to a lifetime of stress which affects not just himself but even the people around him. An empowered child knows to turn every failure into a stepping stone for success.

Let's empower the Future.

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