Vichar Niyam Abhiyan

The Vichar Niyam Abhiyan began with the objective of creating a highly evolved society through words of peace. It eventually spread to a massive scale, reaching over 1 crore people, led by a core team of twenty leaders and progressed by over 10,000 volunteers of Tej Gyan Foundation.

It aimed at bringing a positive change in all the aspects of life- generally categorized as physical, mental, social, financial, and spiritual- buoyed by feelings of faith and hope. It presented a tool, a solution to counter all the ups and downs of life for people of every age and from every profession, be it a student or a patient suffering from an illness or even a farmer. Its impact can be seen from all the miraculous experiences recorded by people, be it an improvement in health, or fixing a broken relationship, or even reviving the will to live; all through a positive turn of thoughts! This positivity is rooted in the realisation of the real meaning or aim of life and by a strengthened conscience of living in the present moment and in the feeling of eternal bliss and joy.

The abhiyan spread across three countries, namely India, Australia and USA, and hundred cities within India, fuelled by the hard work of the volunteers who raised funds through sponsorship, identified areas of distribution like schools, villages, the Pandarpur Wari, hospitals etc., and also collaborated with non-volunteers such as shop owners to ensure a wider radius. Not only has this helped the receivers, it has also been an immensely awakening experience for the volunteers. Throughout the process they have realised that big projects can be done so smoothly and that the happiness and satisfaction of being a part of creating highly evolved society is like none other. Their team work, smooth management, planning and execution in a continuous feeling of peace, love, happiness has become a contagious sensation everywhere and is slowly spreading to the entire globe!

The positive vibes and effects of the abhiyan have reverberated through everyone's hearts and have showered upon us many feedbacks and experiences outlining the success of the project.

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