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Insert program-specific pictures here.Tejgyan Programscomprise various projects that are undertaken by the Foundation to elevate the level of consciousness among school students, youth, women, senior citizens, teachers, doctors, leaders, organizations, police force, prisoners, etc.

Neev 90 - Youth Character Building

Youth is a phase of life filled with energy and exuberance. This phase of life lays the basis of the future of the individual. Given the impact of media and the volatile environment that today's youth is exposed to, it is most essential that their energy is channeled in a proper direction so as to help them lay the foundation for attaining their maximum potential. Hence, to address this aspect of life, TGF has designed various programs such as 'Neev Ninety' that focuses on building the foundation. It helps the youth appreciate the importance of building a better character. It guides them to achieve their objectives by avoiding dissipation of vital energy in unwanted channels and focus on building a strong character.

Abhay Vardaan - Fear Eradication for children

TGF works towards dealing with the root cause of fears and enabling children to overcome them. For this purpose, TGF has launched an innovative program called 'Abhay Vardaan' (The Gift of Fearlessness). This program is targeted at children above 10 years of age, to help them understand the underlying nature of fears, provide effective means to eliminate their fears, and foster confidence to face the world. The program focuses on cultivating the fearlessness into them along with opening them to other valuable wisdom of recognizing vices and virtues and easier ways to follow them. It teaches them to learn from failure and develop self-confidence. Along with the core values, they are taught profound memory training skills and study techniques, which aim at not just enhancing their learning skills through their schooling years but even ahead in life. Intelligent and emotionally stable children can conquer their fears and achieve their ambitions much easily. A stressed child cannot distinguish failure and success, and fails to recognize opportunities, leading to a lifetime of stress which affects not just himself but even the people around him. An empowered child knows to turn every failure into a stepping stone for success. Let's empower the Future.

AtmanirbharNaari - Women Empowerment

While women work towards breaking out of limitations, it is even more essential that they understand the importance of inculcating inner beauty. 'Inner Beauty' is about understanding their true identity and leading a balanced life wherein they cultivate healthy and loving relationships at home as well as at work. But with the competition now amongst men and women, to prove themselves more superior, the world today faces the pangs of the outcome. With several women racing to prove themselves equal to men, has led to their diminished efficiency in the prime areas which require their contribution. The inherent, beautiful qualities of a woman are burdened with the ambitious goals set by them just for the sake of being called an 'Equal'. They find themselves compelled to act and perform like men which, is an unwilful submission to alien qualities. This has also exposed them to several unwanted dangers and further exploitation through people waiting to take advantage of their ambitious drives. Women now are more easily submissive to unusual demands and expectations, leading not just to self-stress, but other emotional and physical hazards as well. Keeping this structure and change of society in mind, Tej Gyan Foundation has designed a unique program 'Atmanirbhar Naari' which includes the subject of Peaceful Feminism, the topic stands to correct, warn and recommend ideal ways for women to accomplish their stature.

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