World Peace

"My country is also great" - Add this one word to a thought to stop all wars being fought.

The root thought that promotes discrimination based on nationality or race is: "My country is great" or "My race is superior."" This makes one feel that the other country or race is inferior. There is a need to bring in a new perspective of looking at ourselves as a 'World Citizen' along with identifying individually as an Indian or Italian or American. Only then will we be capable of saying, "My country is also great." The word 'also' communicates that we recognize and respect the uniqueness of each and every country. Learning to see ourselves as humans first eliminates all discriminations. A World Citizen is a one who does not have his actions and thoughts limited by the boundaries of religion, race, gender, creed, society, sect or nation. He takes care of every human life breathing on Earth with equality. He is ready to share everything that nature offers.

How to be a World Citizen?

Enhance your consciousness by recognizing that every single life on Earth is supported by one universal thread of life. Thus, the first step is the understanding of oneness. Develop a global perspective by reading the history of other countries, understanding their culture and appreciating their uniqueness. Studying the nature, environment, the balance between the human, plant and animal kingdoms, will make you revere the beauty of creation and in turn shall inspire you to take effort to restore and maintain the balance of nature. Work towards the benefit of the entire world. Undertake projects for the benefit of others. This should not be limited to just your own country, but should extend to the whole world. The focus of a World Citizen is enhancing global consciousness and happiness.

Join thousands in daily prayer for World Peace

All problems that are faced today are due to the declining level of consciousness on Earth. A problem generated at a certain level of consciousness cannot be resolved at the equivalent level. It can be solved only from a higher level. For that to happen, it is imperative to raise the level of consciousness. Only a new and higher level of consciousness can bring forth new ideas, new solutions and new perspective.

If all the people of the world get together at one place and at one time, offering a prayer for just two minutes, even a world war can be averted. This two-minute prayer can work such wonders which cannot be comprehended through the limited sense of our imagination. One prayer can wipe away all the problems of the world.

Nature is our Mother and God is our Father. Let us tune ourselves to Mother Nature by tuning into the following Global prayer proposed by Tej Gyan Foundation.

"Thank you dear God for keeping us happy and at ease,
Thank you for showering on Earth the White Light of Peace.
May the Golden Light of Consciousness on Earth further rise,
Making this world a peaceful and joyous paradise."

Since at present it is not possible for all the people of the world to get together at one place, we can very easily pray at the same time to derive the immense benefits of group prayer. To participate in this prayer along with millions of people around the globe at 9:09 a.m./p.m. IST

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