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Before you join Tej Gyan Foundation, you operate in life thinking others are responsible for everything happening in your life. Occasionally, you may think that for some things, you are responsible.

You become a member of the First Group by attending the Sampurna Lakshya Retreat. Here you understand that you are responsible for everything in your life. Your thoughts and self-talk are responsible. In the first group, you learn tools of maintaining 'Happy Thoughts' to constantly remain in the happy natural state.

You become a member of the Second Group by attending the Foundation Truth Retreat. Here you understand that no one is responsible and begin to understand from where thoughts arise in you and in others. In the second group, you learn tools to attain a state of 'No Thoughts' to constantly remain in the present.

You become a member of the Third Group by attending the Maha- Aasmani Retreat. Here you understand that the Source is responsible for everything happening in your life. You learn to connect to the Source or 'access the experience of Self Realization' to constantly remain in the thoughts of truth.

You become a member of the Fourth Group by attending the Sadhana Retreat. Here you understand that you are responsibility. From the fourth group onwards, you learn to 'stabilize in the experience of Self Realization' to constantly remain in the experience of truth.

At every level your understanding level is enhanced and your limiting beliefs drop off. The philosophy of Tej Gyan Foundation is: "Everything is a game of beliefs. Understanding is the whole thing." The experience of Self (truth) is always available. However, beliefs such as 'I am this body' have clouded the mind, denying access to the always available experience of the truth. Beliefs can be dissolved by gaining the correct understanding.

The system for wisdom is a three step process:
- Listening to the truth breaks the false beliefs.
- Contemplation on the truth leads to understanding.
- Application of the truth leads to conviction.

As you attain higher understanding and get rid of your beliefs, you realize that the world is your practice ground. You embrace this playground, rather than relinquish it...

A vast number of people in today's society harbour attitudes of personal ambition or apathy; which surface when situations are unfavourable, in the form of predictable patterns of behavior such as: agitation, inflexibility, worry, anger, bitterness. The outcome is a life with a limited personal view and for a limited personal purpose. Only human beings make this choice and thus impact negatively the collective nature of our universe.

'Tej sansari' refers to the wise one who works in such a way so as to become an exception to the above rule. He knows he is a gift of Creation and constantly radiates joy, bliss, love, enthusiasm... because he has a deep conviction of the Reality; an awareness of his true nature and its experience. A tej sansari is neither a recluse (ascetic) nor a worldly man. He is an awakened man who is beyond both, as he abides in the truth as well as fulfills all his worldly duties. The aim of Tej Gyan Foundation is to create such tej sansari men and women who can build a highly evolved society. A tej sansari utilizes his talents for the larger welfare of society and attains success effortlessly because he operates out of supreme wisdom or tejgyan

Once you understand the highest knowledge and access the existential experience of the Self, you then effortlessly practise meditation in the marketplace, spirituality in the stock exchange, and contemplation in the conference. The very purpose of this world and things such as work, money, relationships that come along with the world are to help you practise spirituality. They are not meant to be bondage or limitations. They are your practice ground to realize your true self. Understand with an example. There are two lines on the carrom board and the rule is to stay within them. We play the game observing the rules. But while leading our lives, we ask, "How do I live within the limits of these two lines? It is not possible!" You need to be told that being within this body (remaining within the two lines), staying within whatever be the limitations of the world, you need to express your true Self.

How will you do that? What answer will you have? When a child says, "I don't know how to play carrom staying within the restriction of the two lines," You explain, "With practice, one day you will learn." After some consistent practice, he will say, "Now I can play staying between the two lines. Wherever you place the carrom coins, I can pocket them."

In the same manner, when you practise, i.e. contemplate on the knowledge being imparted in the System for Wisdom and apply it in your life, you will very easily become established in the Self -your true nature. You shall then effortlessly understand the rules of this game of life, practise the right way, and then play in the right manner 'Tej parakh' refers to the vision of a tej sansari: a vision that can see the truth, and is powerful, self-propelling and a natural guide to one's Self Expression. Sirshree's disciples lovingly named Him as Tejparkhi - a living enlightened spiritual master, whose clarity and commitment is shared through the work of Tej Gyan Foundation...

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