Self Realization - Self Stabilization - Self Expression

" A onetime Self Realization experience is not enough. Being Self Stabilized in the experience is more improvement and then follows."

Self Realization, Self Stabilization and Self Expression are terms used synonymously and interchangeably. Most of us do not realise the difference between them. However, it is essential to know these terms and understand them completely, because they are stages of evolution, where one leads to another in an intuitive way, finally leading to the ultimate goal of Enlightenment.

Before discussing the three terminologies, it is important to understand that Enlightenment is an experiential realisation of the oneness with the Universal Self. Once you get stabilised in the experience, you are able to live a life, expressing the qualities of the Self, through your body-mind mechanism.

Enlightenment is not necessarily attained after death, but can even be attained during lifetime. Attainment of enlightenment implies stabilization in our original state of pure being, where the Experiencer experiences the Experiencer, in every experience.

To attain Enlightenment one should have the basic knowledge of 'Himself'. The journey starts with knowing one's self - Self Realisation. It is a state, wherein the individual or the egoistic 'I', no longer exists. The individual 'I' is the one, who has formed its separate identity and tries to live an individual life, confining itself to a body personality. The one who believes himself to be just his physical body, is gravely mistaken and lives his entire life in this delusion. With the fall of this illusionary 'I', begins a journey to Self Realisation; realisation of what 'You' really are. On attaining Realisation, a transformation takes place. We perceive the world with a complete novel outlook. We deal with the worldly matter, in an entirely new way. These transformations are visible on the physical level, as they reflect through our words and actions.

There are examples today in history whose lives have displayed this profound transformation. Jesus, the Messiah was mercilessly crucified; Socrates and Saint Meera were poisoned. However, they were aware of their true identity. People in those times, perceived them to be weak and helpless, at the mercy of people who were stronger than them. But in light of the real truth, today, we know that they acted with a clear intention for humanity. They believed themselves to be the carriers of God's intentions. They witnessed their trials like detached observers. They were not just aware of who they really were but were also sure of what they were. Thus, they were not just Self Realized but also Self Stabilized; and because they were firmly stabilised in the state of Pure Being, they lived their views, thoughts, decisions and actions with an impersonal perspective.

The difference between the two states is the inner state. Self Realization is about knowing oneself but, this knowing can be subjective to a change, dependent on how strongly one believes, what he knows; whereas Self Stabilization is a state, where one is always aware, awake and sure of his unity with the higher source, God. Self stabilization is a state from where you can never look back upon life as you previously looked. Everything is seen in the image of God. From Realisation to Stabilisation is like from knowing to confirming. Self stabilization is living God's intentions. It is the only reality and all else is illusion. Basking in this state, even while we are awake, at all times, is the final goal of human life. Our decisions and experiences then arise from this state of being. Once we achieve this, our sole purpose of the human life is fulfilled.

Finally, from this state of stabilization, arise our altered expressions. These expressions are brim with unbroken joy, unconditional love and fortitude. Infinite potential manifests, leading to exceptional creation. These expressions do not bear the taint of self cantered attitude, but are impressions of the universal 'I'- the Self. Therefore, there is complete contentment. This state is completely devoid of any kind of separate identity or egoistic 'I'. The expressions are actions arising from intentions that are rooted in the state of pure being and are completely fresh, creative and novel. They symbolise the essence of impersonal service and create awareness among others, pulling everyone towards a higher state of consciousness.

These three stages of a human life are the pathways of attaining the supreme goal. To practice and attain these three states is done through a System for Wisdom.

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